College + Netflix Adobe Creative Jam

College + Netflix Adobe Creative Jam

Top 10 Finalist, UI/UX Design

A website prototype of a shared streaming platform for young adults to explore and expand their perspectives through movies and television shows.

Project Duration

June 22 2020 – June 26 2020
48 Hours


Anna Stubler
Calvin Norwood

My Role

UI/UX Design

Tools Used

Adobe Xd


My team and I were given 48 Hours to design a third-party desktop website where the community can celebrate shared stories together through communal and authentic experiences.

About the College + Netflix Adobe Creative Jam

The Adobe Creative Jam LIVE was an online event where over 800 teams of students across the country competed in a 48-Hour designathon to identify solutions that matter using Adobe XD. This challenge was partnered with industry professionals from Netflix & Adobe.

The Process

Initial Ideation + Target Audience

Our team began by narrowing the scope of our project by focusing on a target audience. Inspired by the recent surge of activism we’d seen on social media, we targeted young adults interested in learning more about social issues they are passionate about, and those they have little exposure to. Based on observations, we were able to identify the problem on why social media activism wasn’t doing enough.

The Problem

Young adults struggle to have meaningful conversations about difficult social issues. They need a way to empathize with others who have different perspectives and begin a conversation with them in a productive way.

Understanding Our Users

Next, we developed our primary (Emily) and secondary (John) persona to identify what our target users’ pain points and what types of features would help them achieve their goals.

With these personas, we used an affinity diagram to identify features and content that could be beneficial to include in our solution.

The Solution

Our team proposed a shared streaming platform for young adults to explore and expand their perspectives through movies and television shows within a diverse community by creating and joining watch parties that offer meaningful conversations with others, and resources to take action.

Competitive Analysis

To begin brainstorming on the “what” of our product content, we looked to other streaming services to see how they curated their content and provided user interactions. We documented which features we wanted to emulate from the strongest competitors:

• Netflix: organizational structure of movies and television shows to watch, curated into categories

• Netflix Party: watching movies and shows synchronously with a chat feature

• TED: education focused platform with recommended video talks based on user interests

Low-Fidelity Prototyping

Based on our competitive analysis and user needs, my team and I ideated the main features we wanted to explore in our low-fidelity prototypes:

• Film and television categories of social issues

• Watch Parties with live conversations

• Watchlists for saved and favorite movies and shows

We sketched through multiple iterations of the watch party feature and all other pages we hoped to include in our final product.

High-Fidelity Prototyping

Finally, we began to prototype using Adobe Xd. I took the lead on creating a design system to use for each screen, and designed the overall structure for the onboarding and landing screens for each feature. We finished prototyping the interactions between screens, and submitted our project for judging!

Landing: Sign Up/Login


Watch Party

Results + Reflection

Out of 612 submissions, my team is proud to announce that we placed in the Top 10 Finalists! We got to present our prototype for the finale judges, consisting of designers at Adobe and Netflix and received great feedback on how we could improve our design. This was our very first Creative Jam (and any 48-Hour competition), and did not expect to make it to this stage of the competition, but are thrilled that we did!

From this experience I learned how to manage my time more effectively within a design sprint. We spent a lot of time sketching, which was helpful, but we may have had more time to prototype an experience that placed a bigger emphasis on learning and education of social issues if we allocated our time more effectively. Additionally, I felt that this project lacked in real user data, and we based most of our decisions off of assumptions. I would be interested to line up some users for interviews and usability testing to see where the project could take us next.

Overall, the Adobe Creative Jam LIVE was a great learning experience, and I look forward to participating in more soon!

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